• Elizabeth Mahaffey

ThetaHealing & Energetic Medicine

When describing ThetaHealing & Energetic Medicine, imagine ancient healing arts and quantum science being happily and seamlessly brought together. In fact, the basis of these are the same, they are just presented through different lenses. The knowledge derived from these

healing practices is over 5,000 years old. This ancient knowledge is founded upon the principle that we are spiritual beings made up of energy, which is constantly in dynamic expression. And as these incredible beings, we have a wide array of experiences that we encounter during our lifetime, all for our growth and development. Sometimes these experiences can leave us feeling imbalanced, blocked, overwhelmed, or depleted, maybe in one area of life or several. For health to be restored these “symptoms” are looked at from within a holistic framework: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, creatively, and within relationships. Here is where quantum science enters. Earlier, in Newtonian physics, it was believed that the scientist or observer of an experiment was separate from the object being observed. Quantum science has discovered that this is not so. We are not separate, isolated beings, but in fact we are members of a “Unified Field”. The unified field is all-inclusive. So as members of the unified field, what we think, believe, and do has an affect on the field. Quantum science proposes and research studies show that, unlike Newtonian principles, the observer directly influences what is being observed simply by participating as an observer. Taking this a step further, when one is able to connect and observe on the level of the particles that make up the molecules of creation, you can affect this field of potential. The ThetaHealing technique uses focused thought and meditation to enter into a theta brainwave state, usually associated with practiced meditators or with the dreaming state. At this level we are able to access and interact with the divine life force, these particles of creation, referred to as Creator, God/Goddess, Source, Spirit, etc. in a dynamic way through our subtle senses, our intuition. Through this connection we can receive information, ask for a healing or change a limiting belief. Then by witnessing the response of the Divine Life Force to this request, change manifests into reality. It is something to be experienced firsthand to fully understand its miraculous possiblities.

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